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Financial Solutions for Logistics


Simplify the invoicing process for freight carriers and brokers, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial transactions, with our tailored invoicing solutions.


Ensure seamless financial operations for freight carriers and brokers with our expert bookkeeping services, designed to streamline accounting processes and optimize financial management in the dynamic transportation industry.

Payroll Processing

Efficiently manage payroll for freight carriers and brokers, providing timely and accurate compensation processing to keep your workforce satisfied and your business running smoothly.

Services For Everyone

Our industry roots are deep and we understand logistics. See how we can help you today.

Singularly Focused

We Know Logistics


At NX Financial, our unwavering focus on carriers is reflected in our tailored financial solutions, empowering trucking companies with streamlined services designed to enhance operational efficiency, mitigate financial risks, and drive sustained success in the dynamic transportation industry.


At NX Financial, we are dedicated to empowering freight brokers with specialized financial services, offering strategic solutions to optimize cash flow, enhance risk management, and foster growth, ensuring that brokers can thrive in the competitive landscape of the logistics industry.

The NX Financial Edge

What Do Our Clients Say?

I know my business is healthy from a financial perspective. Before I was partnering with NX Financial, I felt like I was walking around in the dark. They turned the lights on for me.

– PENTONIX Freight

Before partnering with NX Financial, I felt like I was sitting in the back of the car, blind folded on ice. With their help I am now in the drivers seat.


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